Your speech, written to order by a professional speechwriter.

If the instant speech writer doesn't cover what you're looking for, we can write one for you. It'll cost you more, but you get to specify precisely what you need. And of course, you’ll do even less of the work.

How much does it cost?

We charge $200 for a 5 minute speech, $400 for a 10 minute speech and $800 for a 20 minute one.

What do you get?

Your speech will be written to your brief by one of our professional speechwriters. We have contract writers across the globe, so wherever you're located we’re confident we can provide you with a writer who can tailor the speech perfectly to your needs.

How do you get it?

Just fill in the short form to set up a briefing. We can take your bringing by email, chat, Skype, FaceTime - whatever suits you best.

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