Our Story

Short story...

This site began in 1995. Back then there were no credit card facilities, no PayPal, no nothing. There was just one way to do online commerce, and that was with a 1-900 number run by a guy working for AT&T somewhere in Florida. His name might have been Brian.

Our business began as a conventional speech writing shop, established by me, David Slack. I was a speech writer in the Prime Minister’s office in New Zealand. I enjoyed speech writing so much that after the Prime Minister resigned, I looked around for new speech writing clients and kept on going.

The earliest clients were mostly chief executives and politicians in New Zealand. Before long we were wanting to go wider and so when the world wide web started to get traction, we were in.

We set up a gimmick - an automatic wedding speech writer - and suddenly we had customers from all over.

In the 20 years that followed, we’ve kept developing as the web has developed. So much has changed - the capability of the software, the security and quality of online commerce, the means of making material available to our users.

We’ve formed relationships with contractors and clients all around the world and we love it.

In our work we get to write for truly interesting people and we keep learning about how the world is developing, in Malaysia, in Mexico, in the USA, in the UAE. Perhaps, soon, we might be learning about you?