Executive Service

Transform Your Presentations

This is a program to give you some foundation scripts to really make your mark. It’s a package and a whole coaching program. Some presentations are so important you want to give it as much preparation and research as possible. You want to create something that will leave people talking - to have everyone on their feet at the end, to say something profound, to be insightful, to mesmerise them.

What does it cost?

The fee for the entire program is $7, 500 and covers the preparation of three presentation scrips and as many briefings and revisions and scission as necessary to create a finished result you’re delighted with.

How does it work?

First we talk. We get an idea of your personality, your experiences, your perspective on the world. We talk over what you’d like to achieve as a presenter. Then we create a program for you. It lays out the presentation approach we think will be effective for you, and gives you an ideas of the kind of themes and messages we think would be most appealing to your audiences. We work with you to make three really great scripts. You’ll use these as a foundation for transforming the way you make your presentations. We can give you advice on marketing yourself, lifting your profile and finding opportunities to make your great presentation.

Like to get started?

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