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We give workshops for communications professionals looking for an edge. We explore techniques that lift a presentation beyond the ordinary.

Win Praise for Your Presentations

Learn secrets to developing the right messages and keeping the audience riveted. Study powerful speeches and presentations and the elements that make them so effective. We find out how to make sure your message will make the right connection with the audience.

We look at the ways you can bring a speech to life by using storytelling and we look at the secrets to bringing out a true speaking voice, writing for the ear, rather than the eye.

You Set The Program

Group workshops can be customized according to your particular needs. Let's talk!

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Just fill in this short form telling us how you'd like us to contact you - Skype, phone, Facetime - and we'll be in touch very soon for a no-obligation chat to talk over dates and see how this workshop can best meet your neds.

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